Aroma Freedom

 I am a Certified Aroma Freedom practitioner, former emotional eater, and momtrepreneur that can help you transform your life. 

What others are saying...
"My name is Bridget W., I’m a mother to two boys and struggle with patience throughout my days at home. 
Katrina guided me through an AFT session, and it was eye opening. The session was able to be performed remotely, in my home with my children nearby—so I didn’t have to worry about childcare! The instructions Katrina gave me have helped me overcome the struggle I have, and be able to use the tools she shared with me in the future. Katrina is a truly heartfelt woman, who is a great listener—even in tough times."
What is Aroma Freedom? 
An aroma freedom session is designed to identify and disrupt barriers in your life that are stopping you from moving forward. These barriers might not even be known to you and could be rooted in past traumas. 

In the session we will identify the goal you want to accomplish, explore why it's not happening, and move through whatever is holding you back using exercises designed to release blocks as well as Young Living essential oils to help create a permanent mindset shift. We will identify anything you may be held back in or procrastinating and or any past painful memory you can't get off your mind and thru the "gentle" process of AFT the limiting beliefs/painful memories will be emotionally discharged with the use of essential oils and deep breathing. This is a tool for anyone wanting to excel in their business goals, excel in their personal relationships, or overcome unhealthy habits and live their best days. 

The Young Living essential oils you will need are:

• Frankincense
• Lavender 
• Stress Away
• Inner Child (or Orange)
• Release (or Purification)
• Believe (or any uplifting oil)

"I did the aroma reset and had an amazing experience just with three oils: lavender, frankincense and stress away. It’s amazing how quickly these oils worked for me to clear and reset my mind. Katrina was an amazing teacher to explain how this works and how to do it on your own.

-Rachel Klemmer
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